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Chasing our dreams

We are a team, we think big and we have big goals to achieve. Our approach is to constantly explore, progress and grow as a team throughout our journey.

Our Credentials

The company is incorporated as private limited under ministry of corporate affairs.

About Us

Fueled by the desire to make a difference, our tech startup emerged as a beacon of change, dedicated to addressing the unique obstacles that agricultural communities encounter. Farmers often grapple with hurdles when trying to sell their harvest. This realization sparked the inspiration for our mobile app, poised to revolutionize the agricultural landscape by providing farmers with a powerful tool to showcase their farm produce in their neighbourhood.

This recognition fueled our commitment to bridge the gap between farmers and markets, producers and consumers, leveraging technology to enhance the market and create a sustainable ecosystem.

Our app is a testament to our commitment to leveraging digital connectivity for societal good. By empowering farmers with a platform that facilitates connecting with potential buyers we envision a future where technology acts as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of many. We recognized the immense potential of digital connectivity to revolutionize our societies. Amigosia focuses on making digital solutions that help in solving real-time problems that a common man faces in society, thereby more people connect digitally and make their life easy.


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Rashmi Arun


Our Products

We at Amigosia are focused at making digital apps that helps in solving real-time problems that a common man face in the society, there by more people connect digitally and make their life easy.


Near2Me is the premier destination for hassle-free buying and selling experiences in your neighborhood. Easily sell your homemade and agricultural products directly to your local customers.


NearEstate is designed to simplify the process of buying and selling properties in your locality without any brokerage. It's easy to list or find properties/homes for purchase, rent, or lease in your area.

Life at Amigosia

Make an impact

Our aim is to provide products that enrich the lives of our users. Your work will be appreciated by millions of people who use our products around the world. You will be encouraged and supported to reach new heights and be part of the evolution of a global technology company – Amigosia.

Growth prospects

Amigosia gives every individual an unlimited growth opportunities, We appreciate suitable candidates with bonus and Company Stock options based on performance.


We use industry latest technologies for product development. Candidates can explore all phases of development activities so that they can enrich their skills in all areas in development lifecycle.

Focus on doing what you do best

The rest is up to us! We form an environment that makes it easy for you to focus on doing your best work. We give professional freedom to do your work with passionately and efficiently. You may chose your work space whether its home or office.


Our office is at Kerala Startup mission incubation center, Palakkad . So if you need a break or seeking inspiration, just walk and roam the vast campus of Government polytechnic Palakkad.

Corporate Office

Amigosia Private Limited
3/27, Plapully Kalam
Kerala 678504

Development Office

Amigosia Private Limited
Kerala Startup Mission Incubation Center
Govt. Polytechnic Administrative Block